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My Gift to you


To help you to let go, to shift, to expand, to allow the high vibrancy energies of the Quantum Energy Field ignite your every being.

First of all, make sure you cannot be disturbed as you continue to read these words as I have laced them with powerful healing energies to help you let go of everyday stresses and fear.

I want you to now take a deep deep breath in, in through you nose and out through your mouth.   Relax your Mind. Relax your Body.  Let go of all the stresses, all the tensions.

I want you to take the next couple of moments to think about what stresses you are carrying.  What fears you have.  Really think about this one.  Allow yourself this time.  Can you feel it in your body? Maybe you are feeling it in your mental energy field? Maybe it is controlling your everyday life? Really think about this.  What are you stressing about currently? What fears do you have? Take your time and just think about this more deeply.

I want you to now feel where this is affecting you. If it is in your body, is it showing up as a feeling of tension, or tightness?  Is it causing you fatigue? it maybe showing itself as an ache or pain. Does it feel like anxiety or depression? Are you angry or overwhelmed?  Feel right into this.  What is stressing you right now? What fears do you hold?  What is coming to mind?

Lets go on a little journey. Before we do, I want you to take another deep breath in, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  That's right. Relax your body.  Lets do this again, one more deep breath in and let it out.  Can you feel your body relax?  Lets do that one more time, just because we can and because it has so many beneficial healing qualities. Breathe in, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Well done.

Golden Butterflys have been surrounding my world currently and I want to share this experience with you.  It is so freeing, I feel my cells ignite when they are around me.  Butterflys are such magical creatures.  They bring through messages of hope and wisdom, they represent transformation, creativity, vibrancy, joy, ascension and an ability to experience the wonder of life to its full potential.  They also represent and bring through messages from spirit of a past over loved one. So, what better way to experience just a little of what I do, what I am about with golden butterflys.

After reading this next section, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on top of a glorious mountain overlooking a meadow of sunflowers, watching them sway in the gentle breeze, so tall, so vibrant, they are all opened, all so happy, bright, and free.  

As you are taking in this glorious view you notice a beautiful large butterfly flutter its beautiful wings in front of you. Its dancing in the beautiful breeze just for you. You watch as it lands on your knee. You take every fragment of it, in.  The beauty of this beautiful creature, the wisdom of it. You are mesmerized by its glory, the golden energies, the richness of it. 

You gently put your hand out to touch it. It frolics oh so gentle onto your finger. There is no fear, no hesitation, no reservation whatsoever. 

You wonder what message it brings to you because you are experiencing such a beautiful moment, taking in all its magnificence, its beauty, feeling those golden energies. It is enlightening you.   Its magical energies are so so powerful.  You realise this because you are feeling all the stresses, all the fear you have been holding onto dissolve and leave your body.  That’s right it is all dissolving and leaving out through your feet. You are letting go of all the heaviness, all the struggles, all the aches and pains, all those low vibrancy energies are leaving your cells, your atoms.  It is draining from you like a river. Can you feel it?

You are now feeling the energy within your body transform from a heavy, tensed, stressed feeling to a feeling of freedom, vibrancy and happiness.  Your body and your energy field is buzzing like it has found a new insight within you.  You feel happy.  Yes, your cells are smiling. You are feeling lighter.  Can you feel it?  There is so much high vibrancy energy running through you right now. 

If you don’t feel the energy, that is okay, the magic is still happening. Trust in it. Take another deep breath in and let out a big sigh on your out breath.  Allow those heavy dark energies continue to release from you.  Allow those unconscious beliefs and programs, the cycles formed from these energies dissolve and release, you are now releasing.  Let it go. Breathe.

Allow the new energies, healthy beautiful electrifying, high vibrancy, potent, magical, perfect energies surround you, consume you. Let them fill you up.  Let them run wild within your Mind, your Energetic Field, your Body, your every being.   Are you feeling this experience?  So intense right now, just breathe through it. You are okay, you are letting go, you are transforming.  You are doing a tremendous job.

If you cannot feel the energies, imagine what it would feel like to have 100 golden butterflies hovering over your body, releasing those stresses, those aches and pains, those fears from your body.  Imagine the golden energies of those butterflies igniting your cells with so much beautiful powers and healing medicine.  This experience is lighting your Soul.  You are feeling your Soul light up. You are feeling revitalized with a touch of empowerment and confidence.  You are feeling relaxed and reenergized all at the same time.  You feel as if an abundant ray of sunshine has taken over you. Can you feel it? I can, because I have invoked these words with high vibrancy energies from the Quantum Energy Field, from Source.

Take one more deep breath in and let it out.  Close your eyes and feel into this moment.  Enjoy it.  Allow it.  Allow the energies to release you, to empower you, to transform you. When you have sat for as long as you can and felt deeply into these energies, experienced them, relished in them, frolicked in them, open your eyes.  Give thanks to the beautiful transforming Quantum energies, enjoy, enjoy what you have received out of this powerful experience.  I know you have received a huge transformation on some level.  You have. Give it time.

This has been my pleasure to be able to offer this gift to you.  I know you enjoyed. 

All my love

Kristy 💜