Life is meant to be uplifting and fun and flowing built on strong belief of self, self-awareness, worthiness and passion.  

Kristy brings forward her passion, spiritual knowledge, gifts, wisdom and so much more to help amazing Woman transform their life from lack of and limited to unlimited potential and self-worth and magnetic.

Kristy has experienced her fair share of hard times including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of invisibility, despair, lack of belief in self and self worth.  This giving her some very limited and very mundane experiences.  She has lived a life of overwhelm, high stresses, giving so much to everyone else and leaving nothing for herself. 

It wasn’t until Kristy was faced with her most challenging experience, watching her 8-month-old baby girl endure her first seizure followed by the removal of part of the right frontal lobe and disconnection of the right hemisphere from the left.  This experience was a rollercoaster of ride of turmoil, heavy emotions and so much more as Kristy watched her daughter undergo 5 brain surgeries in as little as 4 weeks within 3 months of the first seizure.  Her daughter was now functioning off half of brain, with left sided hemiplegia, partial vision loss in each eye, development delays and a long healing journey ahead.

Kristy knew there was more hope for her daughter through energy healing.  So this began, Kristy’s research into spirituality, all things quantum, healing, transformation, inner-growth and intuition.  As Kristy’s inner-growth expanded, so did her daughter’s healing.  Kristy has written about her journey as a mother watching her daughter seizure and her finding hope through Quantum Energy Healing to transform and uplevel their life.  Do you believe in Miracles? Today, Kristy’s daughter is attending a state school, walking, learning, having fun and loving life.  You can read more about this amazing journey in the book called Mother’s Making a Difference.  Click on the link below to purchase your copy of this amazing, heartbreaking and inspiring story.

Today, Kristy continues to build an empowering life for herself and her daughter full of worth, fun, happiness, joy, abundance, transformation, health, manifestation, magnetism and so much more.  Her strong commitment to the continuous improvement of herself and her daughter has allowed her to work with tremendous Woman globally helping them transform and expand their life by coaching and mentoring, connecting them with their inner truth and building their self-belief, worth and to creating a magnificent life and / business of their own. 

Message from Kristy herself.

All Woman are doing their best, whether they feel it, know it, believe it, or even believe in themselves.  I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing journey helping other amazing Woman connect to their true self, to build their self-belief and self-worth, to let go, to commit, to aspire, to honour themselves and to expand their life with so much more richness, fulfillment, worthiness, passion, love and empowerment.

​We are co-creating our lives more than our minds can fathom.  Energy plays a huge part, as does Higher Consciousness, manifestation, self-belief, self-worth and trust.  I am living my best life.  I have created a magnetic, thriving business around my life and my daughter’s needs and more importantly I get to work with amazing Woman helping them to let go, shift and empower in their own lives.  I love taking Woman from the 3d healing and mentality phase through the deeper inner growth journey of navigating the Shadow, Quantum Leaping and beyond.  

​​Imagine living your best life - feeling so lit up with so much worth standing in  your power essence every single day and witnessing the magic!   

You are so powerful and you are meant for more.

All my love

♡ Kristy