Believe in ourselves, in our self-worth Healing Energies

Believe Healing Energies

The world goes round until we say stop.

That’s how we have to look at life. Our world goes round until we say stop, that’s enough. What world am I talking about? The world full of drama, the world full of hate, the world full of self pity, the world full of terror, the world full of hardship, the world full of unworthiness.

There is a time for you to choose. There is a time for you to decide. All you need to do is to say stop. But to do so, you need to look around, to look around where you are now. What is showing up in front of you? Where are you standing in life? Do you feel you are standing in a big fat puddle of mud? Do you feel like you just want to throw it all in? Do you feel you are in over your head? Do you feel this is enough? Time to say stop.

Let’s let go of all of that. Let it all go now. Are you ready to be taken in a new direction?

Before we can do so we must believe in ourselves, believe in our worth, believe we are capable to do so and believe we can climb out of most situations by saying stop, come back to the now and believe.

I know some of you find this hard to do. That’s why I have put this little healing together for you. Take a deep breathe in, relax your body. Press Play to watch the video or sit back, close your eyes and listen. Very powerful. Enjoy.

All my love

Kristy 💜

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