Changing your perspective is as easy as changing your life!

I would like to share with you something that has changed my life. That is changing my mind and changing my perspective of other Woman around me.

You see, I use to be that shy Woman who was very self critical. I always judged myself and thought I was not worthy of anything. Because of this mindset and unworthiness belief of myself, do you know what I saw outside of me? Many Woman also struggling, full of unfulfilling beliefs and unworthy programs. This left me “recycling” my life, keeping me in the unworthiness and very limited lifestyle.

Because of this belief in myself, I was witnessing this also outside of me in the form of others!

Until one day, I declared to myself:-

I am worthy
I am powerful
I am amazing
I am beautiful
I am inspiring and uplifting
I always surround myself around uplifting, amazing, beautiful, empowering Woman
who have fun, we laugh, we explore, we live a more “freer” “deserving” “creative” “abundant” “fantastic” life.

and do you know what I started to witness around me after that declaration to myself?

How amazing and unique and beautiful I was of course. Not only that ..........

all the Woman around me, I saw how fulfilling and happy and wonderful and inspirational and empowering they all were. I no longer saw their negativity or hardship! I saw how amazing they were also and I did not feel threatened or jealous or hard done by.

Energy flows! We get to create our reality more than you can fathom. Life does not happen to us. Let that one sink in! Life does not happen to us. We get to create our Life.

Whatever you are experiencing right now. How can you change your perspective to bring more greatness into your life, more freedom and joy so you can experience a more rewarding and fulfilling path? How can you change your world to be more uplifting? Just by asking yourself these questions and listening to your inner thoughts is a huge step in any inner journey.

Give this a go this week. Let this be a powerful Intention setting. Set the intention I mentioned above. Believe it. Let it go. Watch how your life and the Woman around you unfold and let me know!

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