༺ Get out of your own way ༻

Get out of your own way! Have you heard this saying before? Do you know what this even means?

Unfortunately, if you are deeply imbedded in shadow, it may be a bit hard to fathom, but that is the truth. When we are imbedded by the shadow or ego mind, our awareness is very limited and therefore we cannot see this. We cannot see we are actually creating the blocks in our life or the resistance because of our own control. The good news is once we realise this is what is happening. Once we realise we are controlling the flow of energy, the flow of miracles, the flow of our manifestations to show up into our reality, then we are letting go. We get out of our own way to to allow all the unlimited possiblities to flow in.

We get out of our own way to allow more:-

greatness in

abundance health inner peace answers success and of course flow

Remember the universe is always rearranging itself for your highest good. So where do you feel restricted right now?

Ask yourself this then let go of the control, let go of the fear, let go of the resistance.

In other words get out of your own way to allow the flow!

It is as easy as witnessing the pattern, letting it move through you then allow the flow!

Looking to get out of your own way? Needing that little bit of help? No problem, connect with Kristy Reibel, the Empowering Personal Growth Expert to shift you through this.

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