How to Protect your Energy Field

Do you ever feel drained after being in someone’s company? Maybe a relative, a friend or even a work colleague? Do you dread seeing certain people? Are you in a suffocating relationship of some sort? Do you ever walk into a room and feel so much negativity or heaviness in the air?

Do you protect your energy, your energy field?

Protecting your energy every single day is so crucial for Selfcare. It is so quick and easy to do. You can shield yourself when you are at home, while you are at work, or out and about, wherever. I find it best to protect your energy first thing in the morning upon waking. If you forget, do not panic. If you do start to feel drained throughout the day, while you are in the company of a energy vampire or in a negative environment then it’s never too late to protect yourself.

There are so many different ways of protecting yourself. There is no right way or wrong way. It is whatever works for you and that is okay.

Let’s look at a few simple ways for you to protect energy:-


Take one deep breath in and breathe out. Relax a little, Let everything go.

Now I want you to imagine a beautiful white or golden light surrounding you, surrounding your whole body, surrounding your beautiful aura. Imagine it, feel it.

Be creative, imagine golden white light coming in through your crown, moving slowly down into your whole body. As the light reaches your feet, imagine it coming out and above to surround your whole body and aura in a bubble. So powerful.

I love this technique,


Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Relax a little, Let all the heaviness in your body go.

Now imagine a beautiful white or golden pyramid with 4 sides surrounding you. Imagine it moving, Feel it, feel it enclosed around you.

If you find this a bit tricky to do, try this. Imagine breathing in beautiful light force, white light or prana. Imagine it filling your body, your cells and all. Allow it to flow out of your feet to form the base of your pyramid. With your next breathe in, imagine the beautiful prana moving outside of your body to form 4 walls of the pyramid incasing you inside. How does that feel?


I absolutely love the Merkaba. I always enclose my clients in a Merkaba before doing a healing session. It is so so powerful.

A Merkaba is 2 pyramids. One pointing up right and one pointing down. It is also used for more than protection, hence why it is so powerful.


This technique is so easy, so quick and again so powerful. It is seeking protection from your Angels, Archangels, Guides, Ascended Masters or God.

All you need to say is “Angels / Archangels / Guides / Ascended Masters / God, please bring down the protection, bring the protection down now, please surround me and protect me now”. That easy and don’t forget to say thank you.

So, anytime you feel drained or someone says something or does something that upsets you or feels toxic or feels negative then imagine the energy from their words, from their body or from their actions bouncing off your shield of protection. So powerful!

All my love

Kristy 💜

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