Worldwide more and more people are incorporating spirituality into their everyday life and business through various modalities and beliefs.

More and more people are turning there hopes and dreams into a reality.

Why is that?

Because the world is evolving.

We are climbing the spiral staircase to our belief in the self.

Self doubt, trauma, negativity and low vibrancy events and stories are being swapped for:-

 more inner power

 more fulfilment

 greater self love

 greater self worth

 amazing health; and


Unfulfilled and hard done by storylines are being swapped for:-

 self awareness


 deeper intuition connection




This is allowing a new consciousness to come in!

This is creating greater potential to everyone worldwide!

We all have the power to unlocking the door to greater potential, to connecting to our higher selves and calling in our hopes and dreams of excitement and abundance.

We are all deserving of calling in unlimited potential and to feeling free. To live a life of freedom!

More and more people are meeting their victim self and realising they, themselves are the blockage.

More and more people are allowing their awareness to guide them and to transmute their focus to more powerful and abundant and uplifting stories, beliefs and truths.

More and more people are seeing their truth and moving past the barriers.

More and more people are reaching out to all sorts of coaches and mentors to do so.

The world is evolving. Where are you focusing your energy right now?

How do you feel in your body?

What lights you up?

What beliefs are keeping you stagnant?

Do you ever feel fortunate, abundant, amazing and loving life?

Do you ever make time and space for yourself to grow, choose, ignite and evolve?

Are you ready to accelerate your climb up the spiral staircase to leap into your self belief, awareness and self love to begin living a life of more fulfilment and freedom?

Are you ready to meet trust and flow?

 ⚡️ Join Kristy now in her high vibrational 1:1 coaching and mentoring to transform and up-level your life in just 12 weeks.

⚡️ If you are ready to unleash your next triumph of success, fulfilment, waking up to that feeling of being so lit up rather than dragging yourself from bed.

⚡️ If you are ready to say yes to you.

⚡️ If you are ready to live a life of prosperous and purpose

If you are ready to 

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Kristy offers powerful in person and online accelerated transformational experiences for the 21st Century Woman who:-

◇ is doing it all on her own. 

The mum life + the working life + the stressed Woman + the Woman filled with so much shame and guilt + the Woman who is simply run down by all the demands of life, self-expectations, fears, self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness, lost, overwhelm and not believing in herself. 

People worldwide, the rich, those seeking richness, the sassy, the uniqueness, the divine, the infectiousness, the vibrant, the entraupaneuer, the successful, the beautiful, those seeking success, those wanting change, no matter how someone labels themsef, everyone has the ability to access their passion essence and expand their

Does this Woman sound like you?

Keep reading. 

◇ is on an inner growth journey wanting to make epic changes in her life at an energetic, emotional, mental and physical level. 

◇ is saying yes to herself.

◇ is wanting to shift, uplevel and become more aware in her everyday life.

◇ is ready to say goodbye to the heavy, draining energies, the drama, the struggles and the limitations.

◇ is open to raising her vibration and up-levelling her self worth and confidence.

◇ is ready to


◇ is open minded, heart centered and emphatic to energy.

◇ is ready to enhance wellness, clarity, abundance and self compassion.

◇ is ready to let go of the inner conflict.

◇ is ready to embrace a healthier, more sexier feeling + fitter body.

◇ is looking for more energy in her everyday life.

◇ is ready to learn new tools.

Transformation does not have to be scary or hard.  With the aligned support it CAN BE EASY & FUN AND TRANSFORMATIONAL.

If you are:-

◇ wanting to dive deep and connect to your Soul. 

◇ ready to step into your power essence.

◇ wanting to experience Mind, Body & Soul alignment (because your Soul is wanting this, your body is yearning for this, your Mindfulness energy is anticipating this with so much love and excitement).

◇ ready to embrace self love and self worth.

◇ ready to release all the stresses and overwhelm in your body.

◇ seeking inner peace.

◇ ready to overcome the emotional pain, depression and anxiousness you are feeling.

◇ ready to elevate your Mindset.

◇ ready to let go of the feeling of it is all too hard + the demands + the expectations + the rules + all of it, if you are really ready for all of this

Then you are saying yes yourself


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Mother's Making a Difference is a powerful, inspirational and moving book compiled of 21 amazing and heroic Mother's stories.  From mother's like Kristy herself facing life altering diagnosis of their child to mother's of children fighting for their lives to various experiences of death, suicide, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

A book about how everyday women chose to turn their pain into purpose.  This is a heartfelt book shining light for those Mothers in struggle.   It is uplifting, inspiring and empowering. A book of encouragement, courage and comfort to let you know you are not alone. It will help you heal your insecurities, bring purpose back to your life and empower you to awaken the Mother within. It is your invitation to follow your heart home, embrace love, and believe there is hope!

Kristy shares her story of the emotional pain she endured as she watched her daughter have incontrollable seizures to facing numerous brain operations, and what followed after that, to where they are today.  Kristy's story is one of that that is astonishingly inspiring, yet emotional, powerful and heartfelt.  

Available in hardcopy and digital format.