Working with Kristy has not only been exceptional but magnificent, inspiring and life changing. 

I connected with Kristy in a dire state and I felt hopeless and desperate for help. She came in with comfort, reassurance and compassion and kindness. 

She gave me the courage to know that my situation will all come to an end. After every session required my part to ensure successful healing and no matter how busy she was, she was always there to provide support and assistance when in need. 

We walked through my traumas, fears and intense pain and held my hands while, clearing, healing, knowledge, self-love, insight, awareness and changing my beliefs around trust & beliefs & valued so that I could receive the healing and help I needed to live a new life. 

This help was not only for resolving psychological trauma but also included health challenges as well. She helped with my Adrenal, Pains from surgical work, Nerves, Hormonal Balancing and Sleep Disorders. These were all problems which doctors could not cure. 

I’m now feeling worthy and deserving of my new life and this I feel amazing energies and an amazing life now. I’m grateful, humbled and I feel blessed. 

The work that she does is mind changing, life changing and miraculous. She’s truly special in her work and I feel saved. I say a million times again thank you for everything and I’m happy I’ve been able to connected to you.